October 21st     3:49 pm


Patrick Tsai

October 21st     3:44 pm

the thought of final goodbyes and the thought of where consciousness goes had me crying on the way back from work

i’m having a very, very acute existential crisis.

at the least a (very handsome customer, i must admit) apologized to me for snapping at me a few days back.

October 21st     3:56 am

headache still has not gone away, today is going to be long

October 20th     9:09 pm


Duggie Fileds, 1976


Duggie Fileds, 1976

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October 20th     8:32 pm

god bless dijon for somehow still finding me attractive

October 20th     7:19 pm

has anyone ever gotten their food boxed at a restaurant and then not forgotten it in their car?

October 20th     7:06 pm

always afraid everyone will outgrow me

October 20th     4:57 pm


Skye NottPrinceton, 2010


Skye Nott
Princeton, 2010

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October 20th     4:53 pm


Sometimes I say and do all the wrong things when I’m trying to be kind.
And it makes me think about all the wrong things I’ve ever said in my life that I can still remember.
And I hate myself for even the slightest look I may have given someone.
Sorry guys
I don’t know why I’m feeling so badly today about everything, but I’m not sure what triggered it

i feel you and get the same exact way

but it’s okay i’ve never seen you be rude to anyone in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 20th     4:22 pm

hunnies and babies

October 20th     4:11 pm

let the right one in is such a beautiful, melancholy, disturbed movie that i love now forever

October 20th     4:09 pm

nicki brought me in a whole platter of chicken nuggets because last night i was stressed and sad

and it was very sweet of her

but i’m very uncomfortable when people do nice things for me

and that’s a lot of chicken

October 20th     4:08 pm



October 20th     4:04 pm

i was working at bowie the other day and the barista told me he raps and his lyrics were really what made him stand out so he did a verse for me unasked and i knew i was suppose to be listening to the lyrics but i was overwhelmed with the discomfort, awkwardness, and confusion on what to do with my whole entire body that comes with a stranger rapping to just you in a starbucks. 

so i was just like

i love it

October 20th     3:56 pm

woke dijon up from a nap when i got home and he was like no get off i need this get away

5 minutes later from the other room

babeeee where are you